Six negative effects of hyper-parenting
The Jakarta Post,
September 23, 2018

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The Science Of The Common Core: Experts Weigh In On Its Developmental Appropriateness
Forbes Magazine
October 23, 2014
Doctors need delicate touch when children are over-scheduled
American Medical News,
September 2, 2013

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When your toddler reaches a milestone,
don't overdo it

June 17, 2013

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"Planning Your Child's Schedule"
Parent Circle Magazine, Indian Edition

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"Kids have summertime boredom...already? Help them beat it"
Today Parents Article

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"Is Your Child
Too Busy?"

Kiddos Magazine

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Overscheduled Children:
How Big a Problem?

The New York Times
October 11, 2013
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Invited Address
Grand Rounds, Columbia University, November 2, 2007
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The Over-Scheduled Child

Our paperback, "The Over-Scheduled Child: Avoiding the Hyper-Parenting Trap" (formerly titled "Hyper-Parenting") explains why it is better -- in the short and long run -- for parents and kids alike to slow down, do less, and generally turn the volume down on family life. This book will make you feel happier about yourself as a parent, and calmer about your child as a person. Best of all? This is how to raise children who will succeed in life!

Hyper-Parenting and The Over-Scheduled ChildLists and schedules, meetings and appointments, that need to be the best no matter what - doesnít it sound like your life? If itís not - itís your childís. Parenting today has come to resemble a relentless To-Do list. Even parents with the best intentions strive to micromanage every detail of their kidís lives and live in constant fear that their child will underperform in any area - academic, social, athletic. The fact is, parenting should not consume every last bit of our time, money and energy. Itís not good for us as parents, and itís potentially dangerous for our children and their healthy development.

Luckily, there is a cure for hyper-parenting. In their groundbreaking book, renowned child psychiatrist Alvin Rosenfeld, M.D., and longtime family-issues journalist Nicole Wise identify and attack this rampant phenomenon. With the strength of their combined professional and personal experience, Rosenfeld and Wise tell you how to identify the hyper-parent in yourself and prescribe clear, comforting steps to make parenting a happier and healthier experience for you and your child.   READ MORE...


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