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Our term, "hyper-parenting," covers a wide variety of issues and behaviors which are gaining more attention all the time. We have gathered resources - some from our own archives, some from other sources - examining different aspects of this vitally important topic. And we invite your input as well: please contact the authors if you have suggestions for other sites, sources, or materials relevant to hyper-parenting and over-scheduled children and families.

Read the book's Foreword by Robert Coles

The Book's Introduction

2005 Parents League Review:
The Hyper-Parenting Trap

by Alvin Rosenfeld, M.D. (.pdf format)

National Alliance for Youth Sports

Bob Bigelow
one of the foremost lecturers in the country
regarding the needs of children in youth sports

12 Ways to Avoid the Hyper-Parenting Trap

The Overscheduled Child: Avoiding the Hyper-Parenting Trap

Kids & Sports: Editorials

What Children Really Need

For Parents and Educators, 2002

Talk to New York City's Brick Church, 2003

Parker School Talk, 2003

IPA/USA: The American Association for the Child's Right to Play

Rodeph Shalom School Talk, 2004

Talk to Heads of Independent Schools, November 5, 2004


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