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Alessio Restaurant 426 <> -- 3/30/08 -- 15:16:57

Alessio Restaurant 426 an Italian restaurant in metuchen NJ of Middlesex County is having their first FAMILY NIGHT to encourage families getting together at the dinner table. To commemorate this we are having 16.99 family shared Sunday Ragu. You will get spaghetti,meatballs, braccioles & sausage for the whole family. Come in and join us 732.549.6464

Kristi <> -- 2/08/08 -- 20:15:55

Watch a movie or get out the house to take a drive if its winter and to cold out play a board game , order pizza and have a great time!!!!

jordyn <dacer girl _101_> -- 1/07/08 -- 16:02:25

go to the movies or on a hike

jojo <> -- 12/03/07 -- 21:02:45

dear family we are going to watch gost vidoes that are veary scare you can watch them watch them with us but dont bring your kids with you because it will be scare.

ashley <no> -- 6/12/07 -- 17:52:55

my family does family night every friday night, my dad comes home early and he picks a movie out from blockbuster on his way home.I make dinner with my youngest brother. my two oldest younger brothers set the taable and my mom picks a board game to play before dinner. after dinner we all get ready for bed and than watch a movie together.

Augustine <> -- 5/08/07 -- 10:28:12

My family night ideas are to scare people and sneak in peoples room.

isam <> -- 5/05/07 -- 04:02:17


n montoure <> -- 9/12/06 -- 13:02:54

there is a great game called the amazing maze game that works from about 8 yrs old to adult. no 2 games turn out alike. distributed thru discovery toys I think. not in stores. uses visual-spacial skills, so literally no verbal skills are needed other than to explain the game. even adults like it.

Kakie <> -- 4/27/06 -- 11:54:43

"TV Free night". My son determines what we have for dinner and the agenda for the evening. Even if there is no agenda, we just roll with whatever happens. Sometimes we dance, play games, read, other times he helps me clean. He might get the idea to go to the park. Whatever he wants.It is great time and we really enjoy it.

Diane Griggs <> -- 3/27/06 -- 12:47:45

We have some of our best family nights when the power goes out. Obviously you can't schedule these but our local power company's serivce used to be pretty unreliable so we could count on at least 3 or 4 per winter. We stock up on firewood and candles, and whenever the occasion arises, it's very special; calm, quiet, and an opportunity to play games, tell jokes or just watch the fire and contemplate. We also built a fire pit in the yard this year to create the same opportunity during the summer. Funny how a fire draws kids from all around the neighborhood, sometimes carrying marshmallows and sticks, sometimes just to hang out, play tag, or tell ghost stories. The fire pit is an eyesore in the middle of our manicured suburban neighborhood, but well worth it.

shanda <> -- 2/16/06 -- 17:20:03

My family night start a with the children picking what we eat for dinner. Then what kind of activity such as watch movies,going to the game room or just playing board games or for a drive.

Yvette <> -- 1/11/06 -- 00:55:46

I just started a web page about ideas families can use for Family night. It is such a special night in our house.. every other Friday night. Check out the website. The domain is a little odd, but I cant change it now.

jennifer <> -- 1/05/06 -- 10:32:20

whach movies. have comadiey. eat snacks. have a host. have an oddiyines

RICKENA BAUGH <NUNYA99505@YAHOO.COM> -- 10/31/05 -- 20:41:09


Lisa Passero <> -- 10/27/05 -- 08:43:04

Last night we went out to dinner, carved pumpkins and made pumpkin seeds. We had a great family night Thanks for no homework.

nicholas <> -- 10/26/05 -- 19:15:01

play monopoly

Sue Long <> -- 9/26/05 -- 12:19:17

My husband and I were in college when our first child was born. Not having money for a sitter, but still wanting to do something special on Friday nights, we developed Friday night is pizza night. This continued throughout our children's growing up years. Our children are now grown with children of their own, but any time one of them wants to make a special announcement or come for a visit home, they will ask, "Can we go to Pagliai's for pizza?" (This is a good hour drive from our home, located in our college town. Pagliai's Pizza in Charleston, Illinois was always where we held special events.) But even if it isn't Pagliai's, it is still Friday night pizza!

Sandi <> -- 9/25/05 -- 19:16:54

I have two young children. girl 8 and boy (blind) 7. We play an Alphabet game. Foods, animals, or things. We all take turn, starting with A and continuing through the alphabet naming something (food, animal, or thing) that starts with that letter. We turn all the lights out (like a power out) and use a flash light pointing to the ceiling. My son like to pick which group we choose to play with.

sherita stanley <> -- 9/22/05 -- 22:38:21

we never let the children eat anywhere but at our table. we talk, laugh and we make our rules if we have new ones..we also have game night we never ever answer the phone during supper or game night/

mr barclay <> -- 8/08/05 -- 06:36:51

looking for some place to go on newyears eve to take the family with yong children

Rhonda <> -- 5/18/05 -- 11:23:39

The one thing our kids, ages 9-14, like to do is play Blackjack. Although it isn't the usual "family game" it has really helped them with their math skills. Having a small amount of time to decide how much their cards were worth and what their chances of getting 21 were if they "hit" helped in their adding speed. They've become better at adding CORRECTLY now that they can win! Before they thought of adding as too easy to worry about.

Stefanie <> -- 4/11/05 -- 20:22:28

Grattitude give a talk on grattitude then say you have a treat for them, give them a carrott then whoever says thanks, will get a candy bar or somthing.

Annmarie Dunphy <> -- 11/29/04 -- 12:59:39

As a teacher and parent we saw a need for families to spend an evening together. We proposed once a month, homework free night and called it "Mantua Township's Family Night." The parents and teachers(pre-6th grade)have been very supportive. We have also involved our community and give the coaches the dates of our family nights and ask them not to hold practice on that evening. This is voluntary and some have complied. We also randomly pick 3 families to receive a gift basket that is delivered on family night to enjoy. Our program is two years old and it has been very successful. We recently conducted a workshop in Atlantic City to promote the program. The response was excellent. If you need any information contact me at Thank you, Annmarie Dunphy

Marilyn Scott-Waters <> -- 9/20/04 -- 12:25:01

We play "Go Fish" after dinner about once a week with our seven year old son. We have also have a "Monday Model Night" where we sit at the dining room table and make models. Lots of fun! Marilyn

msamsudeen <> -- 9/19/04 -- 15:34:28

watcing themovie /chat the internet

patricia <> -- 9/10/04 -- 12:14:02

We have family night every friday night and we have "make your own..." night. It started with make your own pizza night. We got individual pizza crusts and all the toppings/makings and spread them out on the counter and everyone made their pizza however they wanted. We got tired of pizza every time and then we did make your own deli sandwich night. Now we are looking for other ideas of things kids can put together/make and eat. We eat and watch a family movie . This is a real treat for the kids since they dont get to watch a lot of TV and they never get to watch TV while they eat. They put down a blanket and pretend it is a picnic...

Patti McQuillen <> -- 5/19/04 -- 13:18:12

We had a family night in which we all got to try foods from other cultures and we sat around sharing family stories instead of watching TV, plus we ate outside on our patio so it was like a multi-cultural picnic and family story time! It was very informal, i just went to the store and bought some international foods and we used our memories to come up with the family stories. My kids, ages 5 and 8, loved hearing about when my mom and I were younger. This gave a connection to the family and it made for many smiles and laughs.

marni manning <> -- 5/12/04 -- 23:08:06

My family practices a fmily night together once a week. These times are very special to our kids. I have designed a chart designed to organize and implement a family night together. I desparately want to make it available to the public due to the importance of this practice. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get it marketed. Any ideas?

Merrill Wasserman <> -- 5/01/04 -- 03:32:29

movies out Pizza night board games bowling

tom <> -- 4/19/04 -- 06:11:08

during winter mos., every wed. nite mom,dad,15yr.old daughter & 11 yr. old son play a game of some sort. whether it be trivial pursuit, trouble,or scrabble--educational for the kids & for parents as to how the kids are handling every day affairs-- it does help keep us together as a family.

Marie Waggoner <> -- 3/23/04 -- 13:38:07

Friday night BINGO We usually get pizza first. Then we clear the dining room table and set out the cards and markers and the bingo ball. I'm always the number caller (I must be a control nut!!) but other people can spin the number ball sometimes. You can have as many cards as you want and we all take it quite seriously because the kids love the prizes!! I usually go to the Dollar Tree store and get a bunch of off-the-wall stuff and also go to the grocery store to get whacky stuff too (small bottles of hot sauce being a favorite with the boys!!) Then we go until we get (2) bingos and then we clear our cards and start over again. The winners have to close their eyes and stick (1) hand in a basket for (5) seconds to pick out their prize. It's a wonderful time to laugh and joke and just enjoy how cool each person is in my family!! Sincerely, Mom of six awsome kids and a great husband!!

jon henry <> -- 3/20/04 -- 23:10:43

instead of going out for icecream after dinner, we purchased the ingredients for our own special dessert and then took the time to enjoy it together. afterwards we sang a song together around the piaon, played the card game 'golf', read out of the book of virtues, got the kids ready for bed, and sang a pray with/over them with my guitar.

Rachel Hershberg <> -- 2/28/04 -- 12:58:15

Every Friday night, according to Jewish tradition, our family sits down to enjoy a celabratory meal together. We don't answer the phone, watch TV,or listen to recorded music, but talk, sing and enjoy good home-cooking. The parents review what the kids have been doing in preschool and we discuss meaningful topics (but not for too long). Very often, we enjoy the company of guests, either extended family, neighbors or friends. The whole family looks forward to Shabbat together.

cindy morales <mynamecompany@2000> -- 2/17/04 -- 10:33:44

i want stores of gost becuse to study about of the thing not live in the life .

C Kurotori <> -- 10/22/03 -- 00:42:42

With my 8 yr old son,14 yr old daughter,and wife, we played charades. It is quite amazing how the simpliest old time games can be so much fun.

beth <> -- 10/11/03 -- 12:10:05

watching movies

Beth <> -- 8/27/03 -- 10:10:56

Going to the local corner restaurant for pizza and subs is a big treat. No cooking and no clean-up. Just hanging out and enjoying the food. Then we go for a walk after dinner to the park. Sometimes we get ice cream on the way, shoot hoops maybe or sit in the park and watch the people go by.

Morets <> -- 3/19/03 -- 16:11:59

We go to the YMCA for our family nights and swim, play ball and just goof around. It helps with the tension all of carry through the week. We bring our own supper and have a little picnic somewhere. It helps alot to be able to relax enough to talk to each other.

Morets <> -- 3/19/03 -- 16:07:17

We go to the YMCA for our family nights and swim, play ball and just goof around. It helps with the tension all of carry through the week.

Lamarvie Koester <> -- 3/19/03 -- 09:52:50

My husband works on the road and I have three kids at home, so you can imagine our hurried weekdays. Getting up by 6:15, out of the house no later than 7:15 and then me getting to work by 8am, plus if I have to take to sports after work, it's even more hectic. So starting on Friday and ending Sunday, my kids and I have pizza and movie night Friday and sleep downstairs and Saturday we make popcorn,watch kid movies and sleep downstairs. It's fun and something out of the ordinary and we all enjoy the closeness it brings to us.

Lisa Amina Brown <> -- 3/18/03 -- 19:10:39

Family Game Night have a night where you just by a game and play it while enjoying a bottle of coke and a extra large chesse pizza and friday would probablay be a great day because kids don't have lots of homework and you and your husband are of work then wacth a movie like monster's INC or Spy kids then the next day (saturday) you and your husband can send the little bunnies over to you sister and laws house and you and your husband can have a night of romance get a bottle of wine and pizza and wacth James Bond and have a ball!!!!!!!!!!!! sinsercely, Alisa

Andrew Kelson <> -- 3/18/03 -- 18:30:17

If you think that a family night is important, I think you will enjoy this article.,4945,2043-1-2102-1,00.html A family night has been a teaching of our church for over 75 years. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Hinda Bodinger <> -- 1/09/03 -- 20:30:01

Just wanted to add some of the activities that we have done since our first humble beginnings of setting aside specific “family” nights. We spend a lot of time together, but somehow designating a special time has created a really nice energy and enhanced the harmony in our home. Recently, we have pulled out home videos from when our children were little (they are now 8 and 11). It brings us all back to that time of pure love, and I would think even the most cynical teen-ager would be drawn to the sight of themselves as an adorable toddler! The warmth of these evenings last well beyond the night, as we re-live these shared, cherished memories. We tried a night of Charades and had much humor and amusement We’ve gone swimming a few evenings, which is always lovely, especially in the winter when the indoor pool we belong to is usually empty. (I found out that we could “join” a nearby hotel pool for a very reasonable annual fee. I had called to see if we could pay to use the pool for just one evening. We were told we could try it for no charge, if we said we were perspective members. We did and ended up joining.) We always have fun at the pool and it feels like a mini-vacation each time we step into the hotel lobby! We’ve gone on several family walks – which are healthy as well as fun – and especially beautiful after a snowfall! Videos are another huge hit at our house, since we rarely sit down to watch them together. Next on deck, “It’s a Wonderful Life” (even if it is past December!) Card games are an easy way to have a game night. We’ve recently added Phase 10 and Skip-Bo to our repertoire. The grown-ups AND the kids enjoy playing, and we all have a fairly equal chance of winning. For the past few months, we have been lighting candles at the dinner table each night, and that also helps create a more relaxed, peaceful ambiance. By the way, the February 2003 edition of Family Fun magazine features “Top Family–tested Board Games.” They definitely have the Family Game Night concept at heart. Whatever you do, hope its fun!

carla <> -- 9/30/02 -- 02:38:35

I just want to tell you what a WONDERFUL idea this is. I'm a single mother with a 6 year old son. How I'll convince him that he MIGHT have more fun playing with me than watching another Blue's Clues video I don't know, but I'm going to find out. God bless you!

Allyson <> -- 9/27/02 -- 12:47:18

When our schedules became a nightmare, we suddenly realized our schedule books included our children, we knew at that point it was time to change our lives. We started once a month having good quality time together, but soon we became couch potatoes and computer and tv were our quality time. Thats when I deceided we were going to make a more positive change. We now have what we call black out night, and its alot of fun. We pretend we went back in time, when there were no luxerys of electricity, and they made and did fun things. We turn power off,and all we have is each other by either candle or oil lantern. We play board games, we tell jokes, and stories, we do crafts, we spend time from the hustle and bustle of tv, computers, phones, electronics. We read books to each other and make up our own games, but most of all we listen to each other, not just with our ears but with our hearts. I now feel we are giving our children and each other a gift that will last a lifetime. I know it must be working, because several families that we know have joined us in our black out nights and they have gone home with a brand new schedule. I think we need more family nights.

Lisa <> -- 9/25/02 -- 10:05:11

While we have alway strived to eat as a family, whether we are all eating the same prepared meal or individually chosen frozen meals. It is a time for all to share what they did at school and at work. Currently, we have decided to use Friday nights as a "special" night - by lighting a candle and declearing what each of us are thankful for.

Hinda Bodinger <> -- 9/23/02 -- 16:49:33

When I suggested a Family Game Night, my husband looked at me like I had just suggested Family Root Canal! (He's not a board game kind of guy). So we let him choose the game and he came up with . . . POKER! Now there are some who may argue that this is not quite the wholesome kind of family night one should be promoting, but after our second successful game night, our 3rd grade daughter and 6th grade son now know a great deal about card playing etiquette and that a Full House beats a Straight! They also know that their Mom is not good at bluffing and that a good time can be had without spending any money at all (obviously, we bet with chips). We're trying to have a weekly Family Night (Friday nights work well for us) and we will take turns choosing the activity. My son has been asking for us to do this for over a year, and I am so glad we are finally making it happen. I started a Family Game Night journal, which includes a summary of the evening and anything special that occurred within the previous week. My daughter has already asked if she could write the summary next week. I so appreciate Dr. Rosenfeld's inspiration to finally get this going in our house.


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